Ragabash – The wolf

howling wolf front of moon

Looking through the internet for the word ragabash I found out it’s a roleplaying game but also someone has drawn a picture of a wolf that looks like a character in a horror movie. Now wolfs are a bit of a scary thing for Finns. Some think wolfs attack humans for no reason. As soon as people see one they want to shoot it. I’ve never seen a wolf in nature, only in a zoo. No wild animal attack humans without a reason. It’s just a myth. When there were no TV people made up stories. It’s an urban myth that wolfs are dangerous to humans. Only if their provoked or the animals is sick. It’s more dangerous to walk across the street than get killed by a wolf. Any wild animal for that matter. Even big dogs that run free can attack you.

People build their homes in a middle of nowhere and they complain wild animals are taking over their territory. The wild animals were there first. If you’re scared of wild animals, you shouldn’t move to a place like that in the first place. People don’t seem to know how to put themselves in the animals place. If someone tried to threaten you, would you just stand there or offend yourself? Humans are like animals. We all want to protect our loved ones from harm or ourselves. As soon as you see a wolf or any other wild animal, you should let it be. If a wild animal enters humans territory it’s only because people have come too close. And if you leave food close by it will attract unwanted company. It seems people have lost all contact with nature so they don’t know how to behave.

It’s quite often Finns are warned of wolfs coming too close to where humans live. There’s a lot of unnecessary hysteria which is a bit too much. People are teaching their kids to be scared and that’s not the way. Wild animals are always dangerous and they should never be taken for granted. They won’t become pets because they will always have that wild instinct in them. I find wolfs fascinating and they’re really underrated. If I saw one in nature I wouldn’t be afraid because I wouldn’t disturb them. I’m more afraid of dogs than of wolfs. Like any other wild animals, they hunt for food. A shame people believe more in myths than in facts. If a wolf is attacking a human or a pet, shooting a wolf is self-defence. But if you only see one, shooting is wrong. If that the only reason, then it’s just a stupid reason. I find that so ridiculous. There’s no need for hysteria. Too much is always too much.

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