So excited I can’t hide it

two lions sleeping
Made in Canva

OK, I’m not. You won’t find any ebullient in me whatsoever. It’s back to the same boring life as before. If I do have that enthusiasm, then it’s short lived. The only exciting thing I will have is back to school at the end of this month. At the beginning of this year I had ebullient thoughts but now they’ve faded. It’s still early though so maybe it will come back. You don’t need to start new things on the first day of the year. It won’t spoil the whole year. So I’m been lazy and slept too long. Maybe I’m just gathering my strength for February. I’m really slow at making decisions because I look at many different angles. I’m not gonna rush things. If others can’t accept it, then it’s too bad.

I really admire young people with their hopes for the future. Some of them believe they will find a job in their field after they graduate. That’s what I thought too. But life doesn’t go the way you think. Of course, it’s great if they really get a job. But everything isn’t that obvious. It goes with everything in this life. I had plans when I was younger but they didn’t come real. My plans have changed a lot since then and I don’t think I would want to have the things I wanted in the past. I keep both of my feet firmly on the ground and don’t get too ebullient. You need to be realistic. Life is not a movie where everything is written in advance. You can be ebullient for a while but then get back to reality again.

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