“How do you expect me to grow if you won’t let me blow”

sprout growing through a ground
Made in Canva

That’s a quote by Rachel Green in a Friends episode. You could say the same about gathering work experience. It’s like trying to grow a sprout several times but it keeps dying on you. How can you get better at things you do, if no one wants to give you a chance. Just look at the internship I applied to. Even if it wasn’t paid I still didn’t get it. On the companies site, it said something like, we want you. Well, they didn’t want me. It would have been a great opportunity to get some experience. But OK then. Suit yourself. I can move on and accept it. I got at least an interview which I didn’t expect. A company who doesn’t even inform you that you didn’t get picked is not worth working for. I’m better off.

I wish I could say, thank you for this great opportunity, but that will probably never happen. Things have never happened “accidentally” to me. At least nothing good. You can’t grow if you don’t get the opportunity. Learning in school and learning in a real working environment are two different things. I’m not looking for fame and fortune. I just want to get better at what I do but not by practising by myself. A job should do that. As usual, I’m left to my own advice because I get no help from others.

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