One Line Sunday- Windows 7 to Windows 10

one line sunday banner

Windows 7 support will end soon and Microsoft is forcing me to download Windows 10 or buy a new laptop so I’m plaintive because I don’t like the look of Windows 10.

3 thoughts on “One Line Sunday- Windows 7 to Windows 10

  1. Be reassured–if I could make the change, anyone can. It wasn’t that hard to adjust to “10”–but I recommend not using their built-in browser, Microsoft Edge, and instead going to Google Chrome. Hope this helps 🙂


    1. It’s just too much bother. You have to do this and that before you can download the 10. I don’t even know if I got enough of memory in my 10 year old laptop. Well, I still have time to decide what to do. Now I wish I would have bought that Mac instead. Windows just want to complicate things.


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