Introvert problems

I got to get out of my comfort zone sometime. Wish me luck that I actually have the nerve to ask a stranger. Maybe it won’t be as bad as I think it is. If my class mates can do it, so can I.

5 thoughts on “Introvert problems

  1. I completely understand..talking to people is scary they can be so judgemental. I hope you did well on your assignment. I would struggle if I was in your place. 😊😊


    • I still haven’t done it but there’s still time.I keep convincing myself it can’t be that hard to ask strangers for a photo.The worse thing that can happen is they say no.But then you can ask another.I just need to pick up the courage which is something I lack of.

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  2. Whoa. This post brings back my high shool nightmare-ish memories. I can relate to this. We had to talk to 5 strangers – talk about their work, what they did for a living.

    Good luck with your assignment.


    • Thank you. I really hope I get the nerve to do it. It’s even worse when you have to talk about yourself about 40 strangers.I really didn’t make a very good first impression.

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