Sky’s the limit

Taken with Lumia 820

There’s a lot of different subjects to write about. Sky’s the limit. But sometimes you don’t know what to say. That’s one of the reason why I haven’t posted that much on the blog. I even decided to join a cult, I mean a writing challenge called Ultimate Blog Challenge. But it wasn’t the way I expected at all. I thought you would get a subject everyday via email but it wasn’t like that at all. People who takes part in it just seem to want visitors to their blogs so they can get some money out of it. I also didn’t feel like writing everyday. The challenge didn’t help to get my motivation back either. So I skipped that challenge altogether.

It’s just not only blogging but also my fan fiction writing. I just haven’t bothered. I’ve just been lazy lately. I tried to find motivation to write but I haven’t found a cure. It’s just one of those day. One day you got a lot of ideas and the next nada, nothing. I could spend hours and hours writing. Even half a night. Ideas just keeps flooding. Then there are days like these. I could never be an author. I’m too distracted with other things. I also don’t like rushing things. If you rush things, the quality won’t be as good. I might be impatient in other things but when it comes to writing, I’m very particular about it.

Everything just seems boring to me. Not even social media interest me that much. I realised I don’t have much in common with my followers anymore. They don’t even watch the same TV shows as me. I just scroll through Twitter and Facebook because I’m not interested in what they do. Most of my followers are motor racing fans but I’m not into that the way I used to. If I stop following them, there wouldn’t be anyone left. It would just be useless to have a social media account in the first place.

I think the best cure for getting the writing mojo back, is to have a break from writing altogether. Sky’s the limit to do anything else for a change. Like I’ve written in the about me page, I only write when I have something to say and that will stick.



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