I sincerely thank you

thank youBlogging is more fun when you have followers. Without them, you’re nothing more than a personal diary person. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you want to write to yourself, just do it. I had a diary when I was younger until I found blogging. It’s almost like a diary but it’s for anybody who’s interested. I never thought it would become part of my life. When I first started, I felt like I was writing for myself and no one paid attention. It did put me down. I started to blog because I wanted to share my thoughts and not just to write. As the years have gone by (this is my 3rd year) I’ve realised, some bloggers get followers after a few months and for some it takes a few years. You shouldn’t compare yourself with others. You can doubt yourself. Questions like these might go through your mind.
“Why am I blogging when no one seem to read it?”
“Is it because I’m a bad writer?”
“Am I too boring so no one cares what I write?”
“Why does others seem to get followers but I’m not?”
“Am I doing something wrong?”

Maybe you’re not sure why bother blogging. You can try to find solutions online how to get more traffic but in the end is shouldn’t matter. Good things come for those who waits. Blogging is like having a career in music business. Some become stars over night and for some it takes years to find success.

Blogging is not a popularity contest. Most bloggers doesn’t want a career of it. It doesn’t matter how many followers you got. I for one don’t need thousands of followers. I don’t blog because I want people to like me. I don’t need that much attention. If you start to blog because of that, I suggest you do something else. Blogging should be fun and not something you must do to please other people. Tips you find online is usually for those who wants to boost sales for their company. For an ordinary blogger those tips doesn’t help much. The best help you can get are from other bloggers. We all have different experiences and sharing those are more precious than anything. No one gives better advice than real bloggers. In the end, you don’t really need anyone’s help. Maybe at the start but more you write, better you become. No one can tell you how to write. Give suggestions maybe but never how to do it. One advice doesn’t mean it will work on your blog.

I’ve recently got some more followers and I sincerely thank you for finding my blog. I did never even imagine people would. I started to blog regularly in 2014 and there had been times I have lost motivation to post. I have asked myself those questions I wrote about earlier. Some days I found my enthusiasm but there’s also been days I lacked it. I still kept going. I was writing what I wanted to write about and not what everybody else did. I want to be different because I dare to. I made a choice not to write about my personal life more than I had to. I even doubted if I should put a photo of me. I hate all these selfies people put online. When you those on social media all the time, you just don’t want to see them on blogging sites. Photos of yourself online in general is too superficial for my taste. Besides when you post photos like that, they always be there for everyone to take. I want people to know my brain and not what I look like. Photos are just that and it doesn’t tell what the person is like.
No matter what the reason for you is to read this blog, I hope you all stay because this post won’t be the last. I sincerely hope so.








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