My naughty and nice list

10 facts about me

One, Two, Three. Go!

My Likes
1. Sleeping late
2. Cycling, except in the winter when it’s snow outside
3. The color blue
4. Taking photographs without having to think about camera settings
5. Watching British comedies
6. Watching random Youtube videos. Especially old music videos and comedy shows
7. Walking in the snow
8. Writing Real Person Fiction (RPF)
9. Chocolate
10. Tall, dark and handsome men. Especially actors

My dislikes
1. Cleaning up
2. Touching dirt with bare hands so I would never do gardening
3. Smoking
4. Drunk people
5. Clothes shopping
6. Too violent movies. Like Quentin Tarantino movies
7. Self-centered people who are obsessed with their appearance
8. Chick flicks
9. Alcohol and tea
10. Porridge



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