Advent Calendar, Day 16

Christmas elf draw
Made it on Illustrator CC 2017

School is over for this year and holiday has begun. I’m really glad it has. The whole semester was maddening. I learned to code but it’s been hard. I’m actually thought of quitting the whole education. I was so frustrated because I couldn’t learn. I still get confused. It would be easier if I did the planning and designing and someone else could do the coding. I don’t know if I’ll never become a web designer. The reason I applied to it was because there were no jobs in photography and I wanted something else beside that. I never thought it would be this hard. At least I got this far. I got my first client and got more experience from that. Even though I never got the site ready, at least the client was satisfied.

It’s so good to be home. I’ve never liked living in a dorm. The walls are thin so you can hear people talking. Some people have no respect for rules. It should be quiet at 10.30 pm but they’re still making noise after that. I can’t understand how they can go to bed late and still wake up at 7 am.
Then the internet is really slow so it’s difficult to blog. Luckily I could write in the class room after school. In the dorm you never know if the internet works. It’s really frustrated when you write something and then you get cut off. That’s what happened with a post I wrote earlier this week. I wasn’t sure if it got posted or not but I had the tablet so I could look if it had. I then decided I would write in the class room. We usually have school until Thursday but today we had a Christmas party and Christmas lunch so I only came home today. I was so relieved it was finally over for this year.

This Christmas will really feel like a real holiday. I’ve been stressing and working hard so I deserve one. I won’t think a single thing about web design and coding this year. Me and dad are going to Riga on Christmas again so I don’t need to think about food or anything. The only Christmas food I’m gonna make is ‘joulutorttu‘ (Christmas tart with prune jam) The rest can someone else do. I’m just gonna enjoy this well-deserved free time.




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