Accept me for what I am

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Being a teenager is not easy. You get easily sensitive about your appearance and other people’s opinions. You have so many different issues about everything in your life, it feels overwhelming. What’s even harder is trying to get acceptance from others. Some people wants you to be like them and you try hard to impress them. There’s stress about what you want to do for a living. These days it’s more difficult since there’s so much to choose from. Then you read magazines or blogs where they tell you what’s you should do. All kinds of tips about how to lose weight or what to wear. If you’re not acting the same way as everybody else, you lose confidence and try to fit it. In the end, it doesn’t matter what others think. You should accept who you are. You know yourself best and who are others to judge.

I’ve been there. I’ve been worried what others think of me. I didn’t like people looking at me because I thought they thought something negative about me. I wouldn’t want to go back to my teens. I prefer being older and wiser. People should accept me for what I am because I won’t become someone else. Pretentious people are the worse. They pretend to be nice and friendly but they’re actually trying to make a fool of you. Those popular people kids in school who got a lot of friends and dated a lot of people. They never had a bad skin or got heavy. They always looked perfect. It was all a shell with no personality. You still see teens dress the same way and listen to the same kind of music. Nothing has changed and probably never will. Now they have the internet where they can bully people all day without getting caught. I’m glad there weren’t social media when I was a teen. I had a childhood and teenhood without extra pressure.

I’ve always had an own mind. You can call it stubborn. I never do things with force. If you tell me to do something, I won’t do it to please you. I do it with my own time. It’s different if it’s an important job to do. The person I am in my free time is different from the working one. I’m a Gemini which has a lot to do with it I guess. I don’t understand why someone says I’m quiet. I’m not. I just don’t talk nonsense. Some people talk too much so I don’t get a word in. Then they wonder why I don’t say much. That’s weird. But they can say what they want. I am what I am and I accept myself the way I am. I’ve come this far in life and won my so- called demons. I don’t care about what others think of me and I won’t get upset if someone tries to hurt my feelings. It’s better to be alone than be with someone who can’t accept me. You’re supposed to wear whatever others are wearing and act like any other but I don’t want to be like anyone. That’s the problem with the world. You should be yourself and yet you shouldn’t show it to others. Where’s the logic in that?

When I read about job searching and how to get hired. It always says, in 5 minutes you have to impress the employer. I’m sorry but you don’t know anything about how I am after such a short time. I really dislike the first impression thing. I’m not good at it at all. I don’t talk to people I don’t know and I won’t try to be something I’m not. They probably think they have an impression of me as soon as I enter the room. No matter how I prepare for social gatherings, I still get tongue-tied. It’s like my mind become empty and all my courage is gone. And I still get called quiet. If I was, I wouldn’t talk in a week. I don’t love my voice that much that I want to talk all the time. Talking too much is stressful and your throat gets dry. Wasting your energy on boring subjects is time-consuming and I rather be doing something more productive. That’s one of the reasons why I would be a good employee, I don’t waste time on gossiping.

Everyone have the right to be what they want to be and with anyone they want. It’s up to the person to learn that there’s always gonna be people who have negative thoughts. People fear things they can’t understand. You don’t have to change for anyone. Don’t take things personally. It’s not you, it’s the other person who has issues. You get more confidence when you get older. Things happen for a reason. If I hadn’t gone through what I have been through, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Bad people shouldn’t control our lives. Keep your chin up and try to ignore whatever is thrown at you. Accept yourself for who you are and nothing will be in the way of your happiness.

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