Panicked lifestyle

cycling fast

Don’t panic they say and I do. My panic does show on the outside but on the inside. I might look calm but it’s just a disguise. This is not a lifestyle I want. I don’t like being panicked. I’ve been a busy bee in school and I have no time to do anything. What gives me great pain, is writing a personal vocational skills demonstration where I have to write about where I’ve used what I’ve learned in web design course. There’s no word for it in English so I won’t try to explain it. All I can say is, I hate it and I have to write it in Finnish. Client work is one thing and the other is writing a documentation about it. There are certain things you must have in that report and it’s giving me a rash. I don’t really care now if I fail. I’m probably having second thoughts about it all. My brain just can’t handle that much information. You think web design is easy and when you only are a student who has to write these reports, you think again. I can’t wait until this pain is gone. I have to wait until May 18 when it’s all over. Failed or passed.

This weekend I have to stay at the dorm and I don’t know what’s in store. The charger of my mobile is at home so I don’t know how long it will last. Luckily I have an old model and not of these smart phones that you need to charge everyday. I have to stay here until Tuesday but I don’t think my phone will last that long. Who would I call anyway? Besides it’s a nice weather outside and I have only been there a bit this week. So I need a big break before I have to get back to business. There’s a panicked lifestyle for you.


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