No witty remarks in this post

funny rocksI don’t see myself as a witty person. Sometimes my remarks can be funny but that doesn’t happen very often. I’m quite a serious person but I do laugh at other person’s witty remarks. I’m actually quite boring. If people talk to me I have nothing interesting to say. I’m not a good storyteller because I have never experienced any funny moments. If I have, I don’t remember any. In school classmates always had something to say to each other but I had nothing witty to say. I just don’t have it in me but that’s OK. I’m good at other things. If they only were more appreciated than being witty and socially talkative.

There are no witty remarks in this post. Not to mention other posts on this blog. Everyone doesn’t need to be witty. If this blog was a conversation in real life, there wouldn’t be this much talk. A lot of silent awkwardness for sure. Unless if it was talking about my favourite TV shows or something like that. But that’s a different kind of wittiness.







One thought on “No witty remarks in this post

  1. Silence does not necessarily indicate a lack of wit. Every so often, my father used to announce to the family that he was going to tell himself a joke. He would be silent for a few moments, and then he would burst out laughing. We never knew what the joke was, but we all laughed with him. It was funny.

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