Looking for a clutch

cable loopLife is a precious thing and we should all enjoy it as much as we can. We all want something to live for. No matter how we try to clutch to life, there’s always something in the way of our happiness. If it’s another person or the government. There will always be someone who doesn’t appreciate you and try to stop you from trying. We should believe in our own abilities and it doesn’t matter what others think. You can’t please everybody. The most important people are the ones who believe in you and support your decisions. Some people are jealous of others but it shouldn’t stop you from doing things.

I’m still looking for a clutch. I know what I want to do which has taken me years to find. But the problem has been where to find it. I’ve lost my grip on my dreams but I’ve found new ones. I could do so much more if I didn’t have to do things alone. I went to a recruiting event on Tuesday and there was a lecture about personal branding. The man who had it said he wasn’t great at anything but good in a lot of things. That made me feel better about myself because that’s like me.
One of the subjects was also about networking. If there’s something that I should improve is that one. But as an introvert, this is very difficult. Especially when I have trouble approaching strangers. Places like LinkedIn doesn’t help me since I don’t have any former colleagues or friends. The same with Twitter. I’ve only used it for fun. It feels it will take forever before I get anywhere.

I don’t want to get stuck in one place when it comes to working. Projects is totally fine by me. I want to do different things. Working for a company you need experience and I don’t have enough in my line of work. Where should I get experience when you can’t find any work? Voluntary work is one but then you never know if the benefits are taken away. Being unemployed sucks. You want to do things but not everything is possible because there’s always something or someone that holds you back. The clutch shouldn’t be too tight. I need air to breathe. I’ve got stuck in my ways and soon I won’t be able to move. I don’t do new years resolutions but I could try to get out of my comfort zone next year. I did it when I went to see Robbie Williams in concert this summer. I wouldn’t have done so when I was younger. The same with the recruiting event. What I fear the most is a cage where I can’t get out. The cage is the sheltered life I live in now. If a man born without limbs can make something of himself, then anyone can.

I know you're there. Why do you linger in the shadows?

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