No school and no assigments

red christmas balls from ceiling
©Mia Salminen, Kamppi, Helsinki 2015

An overture that tells it all. Yesterday, it was the last day of Helsinki Design School this year. The best thing is, no assignments to do over Christmas. Next school meeting is January 25. Next time there is assignments to be done is in February. It’s good because doing the assignments are not that easy. If you don’t get assignments done until the next meeting, you won’t get any feedback from the teachers. Luckily, I have got all the assignments done on time even if I had a break a few days. The results have been OK. The rating system is from 1 to 5. I’ve got two’s and threes. One four which was kind of a surprise. Most of the feedback I’ve got I agree with. The feedback we get is just one opinion.

Subjects we had so far is about typography, colours, InDesign, illustrations and last about logos. It continues next year so we didn’t get any assignments. We use Adobe programs that I’m familiar with. But I don’t know if it shows in my work I’ve used them before. I never saw myself as inventive but so far I haven’t had problems finding ideas to the assignments. As soon as I know it, I get an idea. If not straight away, then a bit later. In graphic design, you need that kind of skill. I don’t if they’re good ideas though. It’s easier to find bad ideas than good. That’s what this education is about, to find out things you didn’t think of.

Now when half of the education is done, I haven’t regretted it for a moment. That’s better than doing nothing. You get to learn new things and get updated on the old ones. You also meet new people. Or in other words, you get out of the house once in a while. The conclusion is you get to know what you should improve and keep you motivated to practice. Cliché but true, the more you do, the better you get. Hopefully.

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