Top 7 songs with the word Nothing in the title

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I had nothing to add to this post than having the top 5 songs with the word ‘Nothing’ in the title. These are not in order. It’s songs I’ve listened to.

  1. Nothing Compares to You by Sinéad O’Connor

It’s actually a song by Prince, but she made it famous. There are many other versions of this song.

2. Nothing else matters by Metallica

    I don’t usually listen to the kind of music they have. Especially when I was younger. A rock band can also make ballads like this.

    3. Nothing Less by Duran Duran

    It’s from their latest album ‘Future Past’ which was released in 2021.

    What am I? What am I gonna do tomorrow? Maybe there’ll be nothing less & nothing more.”

    4. Nothing breaks like a Heart by Mark Ronson feat. Miley Cyrus

    I usually don’t listen to Miley, but this song is magic.

    5. Money for Nothing by Dire Straits

    It was the first video shown on the MTV music channel in the 80s. It’s a typical video made then, but it still rocks to this day.

    6. I have nothing by Whitney Houston

    You know this song if you have seen the movie ‘Bodyguard’ with Whitney and Kevin Costner. Her voice was amazing.

    7. When you say nothing at all by Ronan Keating

    The song is another movie song. It’s from ‘Notting Hill’. Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. He used to be part of the Irish boyband ‘Boyzone‘ This was one of his first solo singles. It’s a cover version of a country song.


    Then there are songs like ‘Nothing’s gonna change my love for You’ by Glenn Medeiros and ‘Nothing’s gonna stop us now’ by Starship. But since the titles got the letter ‘S’ in the word, nothing, I didn’t put them on the list.

    5 thoughts on “Top 7 songs with the word Nothing in the title

    1. I forget about Dire Straits song–that’s a good one. First song–the only song–that popped into my mind was Billy Preston singing ‘Nothing From Nothing.’


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