This is an super-awesome post

Boring more like it. Don’t know about this blog thing. I don’t know how people writing blogs can keep up writing them. I’ve tried many times. I can do Tumblr and photo blogging maybe. But not writing. I never know what to write. I’ve got lot to say but I keep loosing the point. I can do fiction but not when it comes to other kind of writing.

This for example. I keep writing what come to my head but will it make any sense. I don’t think so. It doesn’t really matter either. Who reads this anyway. No one really have time to read anything I write on Facebook or Twitter either. But I stopped caring. People are just too busy doing their own things. It’s just me having a boring life. I have nothing exciting to tell. I don’t even have a job to brag about. Even if I did, that wouldn’t be interesting enough.

Speaking of jobs. I’ve studied lots of different things but to study doesn’t mean anything in the end. You can have all the exams in the world but still don’t have a job. You either have to have good connections (like family or relatives) or be a student. For example; I want to be a pro photographer but since I don’t have the needed degree, my chances to even get an internship are thin. And I don’t even have a driver’s license. Follow your dreams they say. Why bother when there’s always something in the way. My dream was to be a photographer in F1 but that will never come true. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

That’s the last time I write about personal things. From now on, less serious stuff.

Heippa (that Bye in Finnish or one of them)


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