Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine?

I hate Valentine’s Day with passion. That’s the most useless day ever. Why can’t people remember their friends and loved ones everyday? Must there be a special day for it? Here in Finland it’s been mostly been about friendship. It’s an American thing for being a day for lovers. It’s just another reason to make money. Even here shops is full of Valentine crap. When I was in school, we only made a Valentine’s day card to our friends and that was that. It wasn’t anything special.

These days there’s a lot of fuss about the day. I just want to close my eyes and which the day would be over. I don’t care about the day and wouldn’t care less if it was banned for life. It just isn’t my thing and never will be.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine?

  1. Your blog post sums up my views about this day perfectly.

    We do not need a separate day to show our friends/family that we love them. Love does not means we need to buy gifts. Just a simple gesture like spending time with your parents/grandparents, doing the dishes, or clearing the table after dinner is good enough to show your love. And you can do that on any day. Why is Feb 14 so special?


  2. Hello,
    I don’t feel obliged by such mercantile issue as the Valentine’s day. I see it instead as some sort of reminder: Have I forgotten too much the ones I love in the past months ? If yes, it is probably about time to change something in my attitude and not only during February 14th

    Should I need such reminder ? Ideally NO but in practise it is YES.


  3. I just saw a piece on the news today about girls complaining that their loved ones don’t get them anything for Valentine’s Day. What a crock. So you only accept that he loves you if he buys you a gift? I personally could not care less about Valentine’s Day. My husband did the dishes and took out all the trash last night in the snow so I didn’t have to. That’s love.


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