Hate seems to be the strongest word

There are things I hate doing but is it really hate? E.g. When I watch sport and a rival wins against my favorite. I might get really frustrated and say how much I hate the rival. But I don’t really hate that team or athlete. It’s just that moment.  It’s just a state of mind. Something that goes away after a while.

If people say they hate someone famous. Why is it always the word hate? That’s a strong word. It’s wrong to say you hate them. You don’t know them personally. How will you know what they’re really like in real life? It’s OK if you dislike someone. But hate?! You must hate yourself too. Maybe some people feel better about themselves if they “hate” someone.

You might not like the way they look. Or maybe you’ve seen or read interviews and judge them by that. It’s so easy on the internet to judge someone and think no one is seeing it. It doesn’t have to be anyone famous. If could be anyone. They would never dare to say it in their faces. I known people like that. They’re too cowardly. Why someone would waste they’re time on posting hate online anyway. Don’t these people have anything to cheer about? There’s too much hate in the world already.

Bashing people (especially famous) on Twitter (or FB) is a waste of time and energy. To start a blog or website about hating someone/something that is really a waste of time. There are a lot of those all over the internet. Then there are people who never change their views no matter what. They live in their little bubble and don’t accept anything. They’ve decided not to change their minds. Even if it’s about their health. They don’t care. They have their views and you just have to accept it. They don’t care who it affects. They keep smoking. They keep drinking,using drugs or whatever. If anyone tries to put some sense into them, they just make up excuses, not to change their ways. And maybe even hate you for that. Even then hate is a bit exaggerated.

So before expressing your feelings with the word Hate, think what you really mean by that. It’s a strong word and it should not be used lightly.

 Do you, do you really enjoy
Living a life that’s so hateful?
‘Cause there’s a hole where your soul should be
You’re losing control a bit
And it’s really distasteful

-Lily Allen

I know you're there. Why do you linger in the shadows?

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