I’m no bookworm but…

The Hobbit:There and back again (Finnish version)
The Hobbit or There and Back again (Finnish version)

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve read The Hobbit. I read it before the movies came out. I wanted to compare how I would see the movies after I read the book. With the Lord of the rings, I never finished it so it was a bit different to see those movies. I had no idea what to expect. I just went with the flow. With The Hobbit it was a bit different. I knew what would happen. Well almost. I read the book when the movies were still in the planning stage and my memory is selective.

Anyway, since it was a while since I read the book. I bought it so I could read it again. Now when I’ve seen the movies (one is left) I could just skip the beginning and read the end of the book. But that’s like cheating. I already know some of it (like who will die and that stuff) but I just have to be patient and wait for the movie version. Because the book version is in the imagination of the reader but the movie is in the imagination of the director. In this case Peter Jackson. Some people complaining “it’s not in the book, it’s not in the book” should just shut it. And I don’t mean it in a nice way 😛

If you haven’t read The Hobbit or There and Back again yet. Do it. So what if it’s a kid’s book, so is Harry Potter. But adults still read those. What are you still waiting for?