Blogging 201: Setting goals

In the place of a Dark Lord you would have a Queen! Not dark but beautiful and terrible as the Morn! Treacherous as the Seas! Stronger than the foundations of the Earth! All shall love me and despair!
– Galadriel (Lord of the rings)

OK, not really 😀

I’m taking part of Blogging 201 and it’s day one. It’s about setting goals to you blog. Well, what are my goals exactly. I’m never been good at setting goals. I guess I’ve been disappointed too many times. I used to have dreams but they’ve got dashed (for different reasons) That’s the same with goals. When I make goals, things always change. Maybe I just expect too much. So I’ve learned, if you don’t expect too much, you don’t get disappointed. Sad but true.

So with the blog I won’t have any special goals. What I really, really want (Spice Girls anyone 😉 ) is people to read what I write. I stopped looking at the stats. They are just guidelines anyway. I don’t want much from this blog. No fame, no fortune. I just want to share my thoughts with someone. And of course some comments once in a while. What it comes to Twitter and Facebook. Won’t give a damn. This is for WordPress only. But if someone wants to follow me there, just go a head. I won’t mind. Just one thing, I don’t ‘collect’ followers. If someone just want to increase their following base, don’t bother. Thank you.


  • No special goals
  • To have at least one comment per post (minus pingbacks, real comments please)
  • To write at least once per day (maybe not post them)