Blogging 201(day 3): I change for no one

I don’t know if joining Blogging 201 was such a great idea after all. It feels like repeating. I have done a lot of difference changes before and I’m happy the way it is. I don’t care about feedback when it comes to layouts. And who looks at the front page anyway. It’s what on the inside that counts. Most people probably only read blogs through Reader.

If this was a website, maybe then the layout would be more important. Or I don’t know. I don’t think my blog attracts that many people. If you compare another blogs (food, fashion blogs etc.) that is. I just dislike the word brand. That’s one of the reasons I think this challenge isn’t what I need. It’s only 14 days so I might just hang along. And maybe I gain more followers and might learn something new. You never know.

So that this post won’t be totally boring. I always and always will use free themes. There’s a lot of good ones so why pay for one. If anyone wonders, the header I made with Photoshop tutorial. Did you think I can use Photoshop that well without help? 😀