Sunday Bloody Sunday

And I don’t mean that U2 song. I mean this Sunday or any other Sunday in general. I used to watch Formula One and the races were always on Sunday’s. But since my favorite driver retired from the series to go to another one, I stopped caring. It was a part of my life for almost 14 years. I planned my whole weekends around it. My mother couldn’t understand it at all. I watched other motor sports as well but now they don’t interest me that much. People that I follow are mostly motor sport fans and they post a lot about F1. Especially on race weekends. Honestly, I’m just bored with it. But they are nice people so I don’t want to un-follow them either. And if I do, I won’t have anyone to follow. I used to read their Twitter or Facebook post but now I just scroll and scroll. I thought I would be interested in sport the rest of my life. But my interest are elsewhere.

I did not always be a sports fan. I only watched some ice hockey or football (that’s British football) when I was younger. I was always a music and movie fan first. It was only when I became an adult that I started to watch sport. But now it feels like I’m back again to where I was when I was a teenager. Maybe it’s just temporary.
Watching sport does give a special feeling. Something I didn’t get from other things. The excitement and the unity with other fans. It was like a new religion. The atmosphere in sport events are uncanny. I’ve seen football, ice hockey and alpine skiing live. That’s it when it comes to watching sport out of the house (or in my case, flat) I mostly watched sport on TV or on the internet. I hope I could see tennis live at least once in my life.

Next Sunday though, the motor sport series that my favorite driver will race in starts. Maybe I’ll change my mind about motor sport after all. At least I won’t discard it entirely.

What comes to my own sporty achievements. Well, 7th in cross-country skiing when I was 7 and bronze in handball. But I didn’t play in that tournament but since it’s a team sport, that can be counted in. I’ve never been into competing that much. I rather watch others breaking a sweat 😀