IBQ Writing Prompt: Focus

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Focus now.  As this week’s IBQ Writing Prompt is about.

When I was a child, focus was not one of my strongest points. Especially when it came to school. I just wanted to play instead of studying. I never wanted to do things I didn’t want to. Homework was one of them. I was good at some things but a subject like Maths was a pain. I’ve never been good at that. I just couldn’t focus. Never been good with numbers. The weird thing is, I do remember numbers but I never seem to be enough focused with the counting part.

I’ve noticed in recent years that even if I’m focusing on something, I still can focus on my surroundings. Multitasking in my head, I would call it. People think I’m not listening while I do something else. But I really do. For example, if I’m using the internet and someone is suddenly talking to me, I can still hear them.It’s not like I become deaf if I’m focusing on something else at the same time.
When I’m writing fiction, I’m so focused on that so I forget my surroundings. But that’s probably the only time I’m not listening if someone is talking. Or I get irritated if someone interrupts my train of thought.

I’ve always seen myself as a creative person. I made scrapbooks of a few bands I liked and later one with a Formula One team and the other two drivers. I had text and pictures in them. I think I could be quite good at making websites. But I don’t think I could keep my focus on that for too long. I just get bored easily. Even photography gets boring after a while. I’m just interested in different things so my focus is not on one thing only. Maybe that’s the reason I don’t know what I want from life. Career wise that is. I just focus on so many things at once.