IBQ Writing Prompt: Confidence

Confidence word destruction

In this week’s IBQ Writing Prompt, it’s about confidence.

If you’re asking me then I won’t have much confidence to tell you. I thinks that has always been my problem. If I had more confidence, I would have achieved at least something to brag about. I know I can do things but it feels like others doesn’t want to give me a chance.
In school, class mates did never really pay much attention to my skills. Maybe they just didn’t care that much. I think it was only once that I heard a compliment from someone. The teachers of course gave good grades. Especially about writing.
I was never popular. I only had one or two friends. I was never very confident about my looks. When I was a child, some thought I was a boy. That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t had short hair for years.

I get temporarily confidence. When I pick up the courage to talk to strangers, I feel confident. When I studied graphic design I got support from the teachers and class mates. That made me confident. But only for a while. I think, if I had a job, I would get more confidence. My mother used to say that the reason why I don’t have enough of courage, is because I haven’t been around people enough. And she was right. She used to be introvert when she was younger but she became more extrovert when she got older. She had a lot of different jobs and met a lot of different people. So being around other people helps to get more confidence.

I just need someone to push me forward. Someone else beside my father. Writing a blog is one way to get support and confidence. But it doesn’t have the same effect as having someone in the flesh so to speak.

If I had 3 wishes, confidence would be one of them.