Screw Halloween, It’s All Saints Day to you.

Halloween? No thank you.

It’s that day again, Halloween. What is it anyway?! In Finland it’s All Saints Day, a day you remember those who are no longer with us. It’s not a day where you dress up in silly costumes and act like idiots. It’s only in recent years Halloween has been celebrated over here. Not the same way like in America though. Thank God for that. But it wouldn’t be surprising if the same custom would get here as well. I really hope it doesn’t. We already have Easter where kids dress up and that should be enough.

It’s just another reason for companies to make money. The real reason has been forgotten. Now it’s only worship for witches, ghosts, skeletons and other dark side things. Dressing up kids and making them go and beg for candy. Trick or Treating is another word for it. If parents wants their kids to become overweight and have bad teeth, just go a head. It’s just a shame kids won’t be taught the real reason behind Halloween. People are forced to buy candy so those greedy parents can teach their kids bad manners. Just the word Halloween makes me ill. All Saints Day is a much better word for it.

Here we go to the cemetery and put candles on the graves. Some go to church. It’s a religious celebration where Saints are remembered and people who has passed away. Death shouldn’t be a scary thing. That seems to be the point with Halloween. Death is bad and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. When it’s on the contrary.

So I’m not wishing you a Happy Halloween. I’m wishing you a Happy All Saints Day.


*Remembering my sister, my mother and grandparents.



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