Class reunion- to go or not to go

Sheldon, Big Bang Theory

Class reunions, you either love them or loathe them. It depends on how much you liked school and if you had any friends. I’ve never been to one even if I did say I would come. This was the class where I didn’t enjoy my time at all. I was just glad I didn’t have to see those people again. But when it was time for the reunion I thought, I’ll show them I’m a different person. At the time I thought I would have something to brag about. In the end it didn’t matter. Why do I have to impressive these people anyway. I don’t care about them. They didn’t care about me. They’re the past and that has nothing to do with the future. So I decided I would not go and I have never regretting it.

Now it’s time for a reunion but this time it’s with my class mates from Helsinki Design School. Even though I enjoyed the time there, I didn’t find that “connection” with any of them. It would be nice to see them again though despite that but it’s in Helsinki and I’m not really into travelling there just for a few hours. The restaurant they chose is quite expensive too. The meeting day is also on a Friday and that’s when all the weirdos are outside. Then there’s the money issues. There probably will be another reunion one day. If I decide to go, what would I do there. Just sit and listen? I have nothing to say. They never asked me anything when the photography course was on so why would they ask me anything now? These kind of gatherings are a pain for an introvert even if it’s with people you know. I don’t even know them. They’re just ships passing by. I don’t even remember their names. Then again it’s never too late to get to know them. At least those people that can make it. It’s also quite interesting to know what they’ve been up to even if I don’t have anything to tell. But is it really worth going that far just to sit and listen. I don’t really care if they want me there or not. If I decide to go I’ll do it out of curiosity.

Then there’s the bus or train schedules. Will I found a suitable time, is also the question. I don’t know how long I want to be there. It’s less expensive to buy the tickets online in advance. But what if I don’t like it there. Then of course I can leave earlier. But if I like it there, it would be a shame to leave just because I have to catch a train or bus. The restaurant is open until 2 am but I’m not gonna stay that long. There will be another reunion so if I don’t go this time, there’s always next time.

Decisions has never been my strongest side. Should I stay or should I go, that’s always been a problem for me. I’m still thinking if I should go to this reunion. It’s at least 3 weeks until it happens so there’s still time to think about it.



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