Tremble in the cold

Finally some snow,  Jan 2016

Living in a cold climate country, it’s obvious other people who comes to visit think it’s always like that. This winter it’s been quite mild actually. It’s only once in a while we have minus celsius. I don’t what it is today but it’s about -10 I think. Now that is cold. You tremble if you don’t put enough of warm clothes on. You see young people going out with their sneakers and bare ankles. But in the winter you should be more reasonable than fashionable. That’s what the problem with the world. There’s too many designers who design clothes that are more suitable in a warm climate. That kind of clothes doesn’t suit here and yet youngsters get influenced by that. Sometimes even kids wear too little. What are those parents thinking about anyway? If I had a child, I would care about how they dress in the winter.

When you live in a country like Finland, you have to dress for the occasion and not the way what’s fashionable. Even Finns complain about the cold weather which is strange. There’s always been 4 seasons. Cold weather shouldn’t be anything unfamiliar. I don’t see them complaining about the hot weather. It must be very difficult to buy warm clothes. There’s a lot of fashionable winter clothes to buy. The weather shouldn’t control people’s lives. If they would only be smart enough to know what to wear during the cold days. It’s just an excuse to say they can’t go outside because of the temperature. Fresh air hasn’t harmed anyone. You don’t have to stay outside for hours if you don’t want to but staying inside because of the weather is ridiculous.

Even if winter is my favorite season, I still like warm weather. Wearing many layers of clothing is like wrapping and unwrapping a present everyday. But it’s also nice to go out without a jacket. Trembling in big amounts isn’t very nice. No matter how much I wear, there are always times I get cold. Freezing your toes is the worse. It feels like you lose all the feeling in them. Fingers are the first to go. Maybe I don’t move enough or I have a weak blood circulation. It can also be because I froze my fingers when I was a child. I went out without gloves in the freezing cold when we were skiing in Lapland and when I came in, it felt like I had million needles and pins in my fingertips. I couldn’t touch anything without feeling tingling. It was awful. I got sensitive fingertips after that and even working with the oven scared me because I was nervous of burning them on the baking tray. Surprisingly I’m not as nervous as I was with the oven anymore.

When I see people walking outside in the cold without gloves and headwear, I shudder. I couldn’t walk in the cold like that. I would freeze my ears and fingers off. I get a headache as soon as the cold wind hits my head. Having read ears is not a pretty sight. It’s better to feel warmth than trembling. There’s no such thing as bad weather, only wrong clothes. It’s a Swedish proverb. In English it means.

“Any weather is tolerable as long as you have the right clothing.”

People should stop complaining about the cold. Put warm clothes on and your problem is solved.


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