Heard your voice in my head

black and white train track

Heard your voice in my head

I tell you a secret

I heard your voice in my head

It was soft and hot

Your words made me going

I only know your first name

But I can’t lie I feel something

I heard your voice through my ear phones

It’s the way you talk and the words you say

I don’t know if you’re even real

I’m tempted to write you but I don’t know if I should

The fiction is better than the reality

We’re in different places and in other phases

I still hear your voice in my head

The sounds and your laugh makes me want to be there

You don’t even know about me so why could I

Heard your voice in my head and maybe that’s the closest I can get

There are other who does too so why should you care



2 thoughts on “Heard your voice in my head

  1. Love the poem. Very deep. Your English is pretty good. I wanted to give you a tip so you could change it, on the right side of your blog, up top, you say, I blog to write and to practise my English. Practise is spelled Practice. Just trying to help, not making fun at you at all. I like reading blogs from people from other countries they always show a different perspective. You definitely have a new follower on your blog. -Bruce


    1. I looked that word up and both are actually right.Spelled Practice is American English and Practise is more British English. But thanks for pointing that out 🙂 And thanks for the follow.


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