More than meets the eye

look of lovePeople always judge you when they meet a person they see for the first time. But looks can deceive you. If someone wears piercing in their face and black clothes, it doesn’t mean they are evil people. In job interviews, the employer judges you. Your resume can look perfect but if it lacks something they’ve looked for, then they underestimate you and think you can’t do the job. No one is perfect and you can learn new things no matter what age you are. You should never underestimate people you don’t know. Even if you do know them, there’s more than meets the eye.

Ageism is a problem in the job search. If you’re in a certain age, the employer thinks you can’t do a job because your knowledge might be out of date. You would think employers don’t know that older people also keep up with the times. It seems that people in already in their 40’s are too old for employers. You should be 20 and have job experience of 30 years. You read stories from people who’s 50 and over about how they’ve got an interview but haven’t got the job because of their age. Employers want younger people who they can fool. Experience has nothing to do with getting a job. They want to hire people they don’t have to pay too much for. Unfortunately, it’s the older employees who have to suffer from their greed.

One of my fears is getting stuck in the same routines and now it seems it’s happening. If my mother was still alive, she would try to push me on trying to find some kind of job. Now I don’t have anyone who could give me encouragement. My father has worries of his own. My mother was the one who was most worried about me. She understood about job search since she was also between jobs from time to time. She also wondered why I never found jobs. The job centre has never helped me get one. They’ve only offered me internships or courses to take. Looking through the job ads and such, I’m almost giving up hope. There’s nothing for me there that I’m qualified for. It takes all the excitement of job search when you can’t find anything you could apply for. All these LinkedIn and other social media are useless. The same with these pieces of advice how to get a job that you can find online. It doesn’t help me at all. They say job search is like dating but I’m unlucky in that too so that rules that out.

I hate to say this but the reason no one wants to hire me is because I’m an introvert. I give bad first impressions and therefore people think I’m anti-social. I try to be more open but it seems it’s not good enough. Other people have no patience to get to know me. I’m more than meets the eye. If others would bother to get to know me and not just give up before I show them the real me. I can be social and a lot of fun. It just takes a time to know me. You would think a trustworthy person would be likeable but you need to be a blabbermouth to get somewhere in life it seems. I’m tired of people noticing I’m quiet. Does it say it on my forehead? They should really think before speaking because when I start talking about a subject I know something about, they wish I could be silent. I’m actually really considering to become self-employed. I’m bored with people judging me by the way I act the first time I meet a new person. If I really got a job interview, I wouldn’t get the job since my replies would be really short. I want a job where my skills are the main thing and not how social I should me. I wish I could work for someone else to gain more experience but if that isn’t meant to be, I need to learn to become better by myself.



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