Advent calendar Box 9

advent calendar 9In Europe, we use the metric system. Also, the degree is in Celsius. What cold is, is an opinion. For some even plus 1 Celsius is cold. In Finland, the weather often goes under zero in winter. But this year, it’s been quite rainy. When I was a child there was always a lot of snow in December. We still get snow but it melts away. It has a lot to do with climate change. Some say it’s not real but it is. It affects all of us if you like it or not. In the north there’s is snow but here in the South, we’re not as lucky.

People think it’s OK there isn’t snow. But each to their own. Snow is better than rain. Christmas without snow is like summer without sunshine. I wouldn’t want to spend Christmas in a warm climate. You can’t change the weather. You get what you can. It’s a bit depressive to spend Christmas in the rain. It doesn’t feel very Christmasy. As a Finn, I’m used to having something white on the ground. It doesn’t matter what degree it’s outside. I can live above zero as long as it’s not too warm. There won’t be any snow on Christmas this year since I’ll spend it somewhere else. Even some snow this winter will be enough. There were some of it on independence day. The closest to snow we get next week is sleet and that’s not a very pleasant kind of weather. At least we don’t need to freeze because the degree will be plus something.

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