Confess and cherish

bibleChristmas holidays over and it’s time to continue a normal living. I had a very relaxed cruise to Riga, Latvia. It didn’t end well though. I broke my tooth. I got it fixed today so everything is good. You really should cherish your teeth and take good care of them. You only begin to appreciate them when they break. I confess I eat a lot of candy/sweets but I do brush my teeth with toothpaste and an electric toothbrush. It still doesn’t guarantee anything though. It can still open old “wounds” during the years.

New Year Eve is on Sunday. It’s time to do new years resolutions. But not me. I never do them because why should I lie? I’m not gonna confess empty promises. If I said I would eat less candy/sweets, it’s not gonna happen. Life is too short to stop enjoying it. Too much is always too much. Eating a salad once in a while doesn’t hurt anyone. All this getting in shape for the summer is just a plot from advertisers. They just want to starve people and make them look like skeletons. If you want to go through all the exercising in the gym and counting calories, it’s your choice. I rather eat what I want and take a walk or going on a bike ride. That’s mine staying in shape routine. Besides, I hate the beach anyway so I don’t need to look anything special.

The job interview tomorrow will show what I will do in 2018. I don’t plan ahead. It can become better than this year but it can also go the other way around. This year was great. I passed the exam of web design and graduated. Then I went to see Robbie Williams. I saw at least 6 movies in the theatre. Lastly, I got this job interview. Not forgetting new followers to this blog. I cherish every moment and I confess, it does make me feel appreciated. That’s one of the reasons I continue to write this blog. Thank you all.

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