Almost doesn’t count

almost white puzzleIt’s almost the end of the year but that doesn’t really count. It’s still at least half a day. It depends on what part of the world you are. I’ve had a lot of those almost situations. But almost doesn’t count. You neither do things or you don’t. There is no almost. It doesn’t make you feel better if you’ve failed at something.

A lot of things could have happened but they didn’t. Instead of taking the pessimistic approach, you should be glad you at least tried. It’s easy to think about things you don’t have. I’ve mentioned it on this blog before that you should enjoy the small things. When you become an adult you forget the things you had as a kid. That excitement when you learned something new. Everything was simpler then but you shouldn’t forget to relax more. You’re never too old to play. Adults get so serious so they think they can’t be silly in front of others. We care too much what others think of us. If we all only could stop worrying about how other adults see us.

I guess I’m that other kind of adult. I still get excited when I walk in the snow and I can make snowballs. When it rains I go inside and jump in a puddle with my wellies on. Weather doesn’t stop me from going out. Rain or shine, I’m there. Even if it was too hot, I would still go outside. There’s always a shade somewhere. I can’t understand why some complain about the weather. It’s just an excuse for not going anywhere. Each to their own though. I do have my lazy moments when I don’t bother going out. It can be a sunny day but I don’t go anywhere. That’s my almost moments. I can almost go somewhere but then I begin to do something else instead.

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