Treat your mind

brain on blackboardOur brain is the most important organ we should treat with respect. Do things that need thinking. Read a book. Watch a documentary. Do the things you love the most.  Anything that doesn’t slow the mind. If we stop using our brains, it gets lazy and the risk of dementia or other brain disease increases. Treating your mind well is also good for the mental health. Especially positive thinking. If you give in when things go wrong, you get stressed. Everyone needs something to look forward to. You shouldn’t stop doing things you love if someone tells you to. What you do with your life, is no concern for others.

As long as I remember I have always done things I like. My mother tried to get me into a gym class when I was a little child but I didn’t feel secure with the other kids. My sister was the opposite. I think she was more like our mother. I was a bit of a rebel in school. I didn’t like homework and the gym was a pain even if I was good at it. I just hated to change clothes in front of others. I was, of course, shy too. I’m always been stubborn and did things that I felt like doing. I’m still the same. If I do things I have no interest in, my brain gets lazy. I have so much going on in my head at once, my mind has no rest. It’s unbelievable how much information a brain can have. Things that you love stays there and you feel motivated to continue. Stubbornness can also prevent your brain going soft.

If I didn’t have my imagination, I wouldn’t be me. I keep my mind at work by thinking about plots to my fictions. That what I love about movies with a meaning. They have complex plots and they tell a lot about human behaviour. I’ve always been interested in that. I don’t get inspiration from books, I get it from TV or movies. I like thinking so reality-TV is not my thing. If I want to rest my brain, I watch a comedy or write a story with no sense. Humour is good medicine for the mind. I can watch comedy shows that came out years ago and still laugh at them. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen The Golden girls or Frasier for example. Some things never get old. Treat your mind with what you love. That’s how I go by and it makes life worth living.

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