The invisible woman

invisible stockholm

There is a song by Queen called ‘The invisible man‘ That’s what I feel but as a woman. I’m an invisible individual that no one seems to care about in real life. Except for my dad. I’m totally fine with that because I don’t want that much attention. But when it comes online, I want someone to notice me. Not like notice, notice. I’m not looking for fame. I just want to touch at least one person’s heart. I especially feel invisible when I post something online and no one pays attention. The Internet is a big place and everyone can’t get the same amount of attention. But yet it feels a bit depressive.

When I started blogging, it felt even worse. I did get followers in the end but the beginning wasn’t really pleasant. I didn’t know what I did wrong. Maybe my blog was too different. It doesn’t have what other blogs have. The subjects weren’t ‘sexy’ It isn’t about food or fashion. It doesn’t even help people. That’s what people look for on the internet, information that helps them. I’m the kind of person who searches for answers and not giving them. I don’t have enough of patience to teach people. Even helping my dad with the computer is a pain. If it was a stranger, I would probably get irritated and yell at them to fix their own problem. As the years of blogging has gone by I’ve told myself, so what if I’m invisible, I write anyway. Someone will always notice even if they don’t show it. Maybe I have helped someone but I don’t know it. If you’re a new blogger, don’t worry if you don’t get followers after your first post. If you wait long enough and keep writing, they will come. Some bloggers just get there faster than others.

I wish I could believe in my own advice. I think to myself I’m probably just a boring person that no one takes an interest in. If it’s about writing (blogging, fan fiction) or posting on social media. It’s like talking to a wall. If something good or bad happens in my life and I post it online, I get no reaction. It’s nobodies fault really, it’s just my paranoia talking. Sometimes my pessimism gets a hold on me. I always think what could go wrong instead of taking a chance. It shouldn’t matter if not a lot of people take notice. But that’s the whole point of being online. If you can’t get attention from others, you might just be invisible. I don’t completely trust my online presense when it comes to marketing my skills. It seems everything I do, goes down the drain. It feels like I have no talent and my destiny is to be ignored the rest of my life. If only I could get paid to be invisible and I didn’t need to do anything. Maybe going around poking people and they would wonder what it was all about.

So that this post wouldn’t sound so depressing, this video will make you feel a lot better.

7 thoughts on “The invisible woman

  1. I think that some topics are more easily “digested” than other. Fashion and food are easily relatable, while deeper feeling and reflections actually take some work to understand. But maybe in the end, because of the nature of your writing, you’ll have people reading you that you actually enjoy!


    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂
      In this shallow world deep thinking is not required at all. People want to relax their minds after a hard days work. If people thought more, maybe there would be less idiots in the world. At least there are still us so called ‘deep thinkers’ left. And even we enjoy easily relatable blogs, as you put it.

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  2. I think we all want to be invisible at one time or another. It’s really up to you if you want to be invisible BUT remember it can not be all the time. Be who you are, that’s what the world is all about!!!!😉🤗😊💃


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