Here is to hope

rainbow in the horizon
Made in Canva

Maybe I’m being unrealistic but there is always hope no matter how bad things get. If I didn’t have it I would probably not be here today. You need hope to get through with life. If you give up too easily when things get tough, hope will be pointless. I have experienced loss and grief but having hope to move on has helped me get through them. Having too much hope can also make you feel blue when things don’t go the way you want to.

Having so many disappointments can make you bitter but it can also make you look at things differently. I’ve expected too much about the educations I’ve had. I thought I would have at least more work experience but no luck. Educations don’t seem to help anything. Finding a job is the only thing I’ve lost hope for. Only young people seem to get internships. On one workplace they had these young interns and they get to work with real projects. People like that will always get a better chance that I ever will because I lack experience. I feel like a loser because I’m not wanted anywhere. It seems that you’re too old even when you’re under 50. I don’t know what job I’ve good for. Even now when I study graphic design it feels like I’m an amateur. Some people seem to get all these great experiences and I’m still running in circles. Nothing much as changed in 10 years. I don’t even want to look what’s on offer because I know in advance I won’t have a chance. You need 3 or more years of job experience and skills I don’t have. I’ve been stupid for believing education would help to get a job. Internships don’t mean anything. But that’s better than nothing. Some don’t even have that. Still, having studied hasn’t totally been in vain. I’ve learned things I didn’t know about before. Learning new things is good for your mental health.

I hope to find some solution to these dilemmas in life. I don’t want to be someone who gives up hope because of someone else. You should enjoy the small things of hope. For me, music is one form of hope. If I feel down I listen to songs that cheer me up. It’s incredible how effective music is. It takes all the worries away. Here is to hope, cheers. 🍸

2 thoughts on “Here is to hope

  1. Over the eons I have worked it became very clear you needed a college degree to get anyway in this world. Seniority doesn’t mean a thing anymore. “they can pat you on the back and kick you in the *** at the same time”. You can have the knowledge, but without that piece of paper you are going nowhere.
    Now for you young lady – DO NOT give up! You have to think more positive, positive, positive! Did you ever think you might be looking in the wrong place for a job? Take a deep breath, listen to some music, clear your mind. Then sit down and write your strengths and weakness for jobs. DO NOT give up hope! Let me know how you do – Hope.
    Yes that is my name.😉🤗😉


    1. Luckily in Finland you don’t need a college degree to get somewhere. It’s job experience that counts. Or you need to be outgoing which I ain’t. I try to think positive but sometimes it bites me in the a** Thank for your support, Hope 🙂 I thought many times of doing a list of the things you mentioned but I haven’t got around doing it.


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