One Line Sunday- Mac and Firefox

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I have a Mac now but the Firefox browser doesn’t save the passwords and I can’t remember all of them by heart which frustrates because I can’t find a solution to the problem.

4 thoughts on “One Line Sunday- Mac and Firefox

  1. In case anything happens to my computer I keep a log of site and it’s password. My log is on paper in case my computer acts up.
    Firefox is quirky, so I use Firefox for somethings and Chrome for others.


    • I never had any problems with Firefox in a Windows computer. But with this new Mac, I can’t solve this problem. I decided I would use Chrome instead.


  2. I have to have all of my passwords written down in a book. I know they tell us we shouldn’t, but there’s no hope I’d ever remember them. I doubt thieves would get their hands on it and can bypass them anyway, if you believe what you read.
    Thanks for participating in today’s prompt. 🙂


    • Yo have to save the passwords somewhere, right. The biggest problem is that I have to write the usernames and the passwords all over again when I open the Firefox browser. But there is no problem in Chrome so I must use that.


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