Bloganuary: My 3 fave ways to travel

Photo by me. Princess Maria, Harbour of Helsinki

Here are my 3 favourite ways to travel

Number One: By cruise ship

I live in a harbour city, so it’s easy to travel by ship. Everything is done for you. The food and the entertainment. You sleep in a cabin. All you need is to relax. I’ve been on a cruise to Stockholm the most. Then to Riga and Tallinn at Christmas. Then to Saint Petersburg, Russia some years ago.

Number Two: By train

It’s a bit more expensive than by bus, but it’s the fastest. I travel to Helsinki twice a month. The most challenging part is the sleeping arrangement. I find it difficult to sleep sitting up, so my sleep is light. I’ve also travelled to Lapland by train, but then you have a bed to sleep on.

Number Three: By bus

It’s the same on a train. I can’t sleep sitting up, but at least I can rest a little bit. You can’t move like you can’t on a ship or a train, but it’s easier than driving yourself. I don’t like to drive long distances either, so the bus is my 3rd favourite way to travel.

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