Day 3: What’s on your mind?

This really is a Zero to Hero challenge
I guess I just wanted to write to learn English. I’ve never understood how people can hold up a blog.I find it really hard to concentrate on one thing at a time. I’m really lazy reading other people blogs as well. It’s the reading on the computer that isn’t my favorite thing. I prefer reading from a paper.

I used to write on LiveJournal. I say write because I wouldn’t call it blogging. It was mostly about Formula One. A sport that I used to be passionated about. Not so much now. That’s another story though.

The question was, why did I start blogging? Beside learning better English. I’m just better at expressing feelings through writing. I’m not very social. As a matter a fact, social situations makes me nervous. Even going to the store, makes me feel uncomfortable. It has become less nerve-wrecking as the years has gone by. Writing was also one of my strongest strengths in school. Teachers admired my ability to write stories. Fiction. Not real life writing. Couldn’t be a journalist (even if I studied that) I also want to share my thoughts with others and maybe there’s somewhere out there that share my interests.

This writing challenge really inspired me to write a blog again. Maybe when the 30 days are up, I might get back to my old ways. Or maybe I will continue. It just depends how much response I get. I’m an ’emotional’ writer. Which means, if I feel no one is reading it, I loose interest. Same goes with My Photolio blog. That blog is more of a portfolio then a blog though.

I hope I made myself clear.