Day 25: Adapt a Custom Detail for Your Blog

As it happens, I changed my layout yesterday. The same with My Photolio I usually don’t really get inspiration from other blogs. I don’t really pay attention to other peoples layouts. As long as people are satisfied with theirs, that’s all that matters. If other’s get inspiration from my blog, that’s great.

It’s nice to see how other blogs have designed theirs though. For now I will not touch mine for a while. I might get bored easily but not that fast.

Day 24: Visit other participants in the new event you joined

Since I haven’t joined any events and won’t either in the near future, I’m just gonna say this.

Even if I did write about this on Day 14 I’m gonna say it again. Without this Zero to Hero challenge, I would never had found so many good blogs and gained more followers. Even though I don’t write about my life that much, there’s still people out there who cares about what I write.

I also posted comments on various blogs. You know who you are. Always interesting to read different opinions. As long as the conversations are civilized. Of course there will always be people that don’t respect other’s opinions. But hater’s gonna hate. You can’t please everybody and that’s the way it always have and always will be.