Day 4:Look at the horizon

And I thought yesterdays task was difficult.

I already follow at least 5 blogs. I haven’t actually used Reader that much. I found blogs some other way. But now when I know what is, I might check it out more often. I’m a bit lazy searching for other blogs and also very picky. I only follow a blog if it really interests me. Or if that person is a bit like me. If it got any photography tips I might follow it. I really don’t follow a blog, I just read them. There’s so many so I can’t keep up.

Best thing about this Zero to Hero challenge is that you learn things you haven’t known before. It had been really useful.

Thanks for all the follows I’ve got so far. It has really given me some positive thought. Hugs.

“I see fire”

While waiting for the next Zero to Hero challenge (Which I probably have to do tomorrow) Let me take you to another subject; The Hobbit movies. I prefer movies to books. Even though I did read The Hobbit: There and back again. I must say, what Peter Jackson has done is just crazy. I’m a fan of Lord of the rings as well. I don’t think anyone could had done them better then Peter (and his crew). Lot of people don’t understand how movies are made. It take a lot of energy (I’ve studied manuscript writing and movie making so I get the general idea) and effort. Even shooting a scene is hard work.

People comparing the movies to the books is so wrong. Books and movies are two different things. Then some say the movies are too long. Might be but the fans love it. You just can’t please everybody. In the first movie I was excited to see how the dwarves would be like. No disappointments there. And then in the 2nd movie I couldn’t wait to see how Smaug looked like. And it was even better then I imagined. And boy does he talk. A lot 😀

And the cast, OMG. Where do they find these great actors and film makers?! Some of them I’ve never heard or seen before. It’s a great opportunity for them to get recognition in a movie like this. Seeing those Behind the scenes footages, gives a great image of what a great working environment it is. Professional but very down to earth. My personal favorite is definitely Richard Armitage (Thorin) I have no idea how to pronounce his last name. First time I saw him was in The Vicar of Dibley At first I didn’t recognise him. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. When I realised it was him. I was like, yay. He’s just so perfect for that role. I could not think of another actor who could do it better.
Another favorite is Aidan Turner (Kili) Last year females were going gaga over him. Me?! not that way. I guess I’m a late bloomer when it comes to that kind of things. I think in the 2nd movie, the actor and the character has improved much more. And looks has nothing to do with it.

I could talk about this movie all day. That’s much how I love it. I’ve seen it twice. I don’t know if I’ll go again. Not really a fan of movie theaters. Except for the big screen. Rather wait for the DVD.