Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger! (part 2)

Like it or not, here it comes

The Stalker (part 2)

The next morning she gets to work as usual. Even though there had been a stalker in her flat the night before, she still could sleep well. She didn’t mention to her co-workers what had happened. She just concentrated on her job so she didn’t think much about it.

At lunch she leaves the office. Since she lived close by she walks home. It was rush hour so there were a lot of people walking on the payment and cars on the move. She’s wearing shoes with low heels and a skirt reaching above her knees. It was warm outside so she only had a top on. She’s so in her thoughts, she doesn’t notice a black BMW is driving slowly beside her on the street. She feels someone is following her. She carefully looks behind her and starts to walk faster. The car keeps following her. She sees an ally and runs there. The car is driving faster after her. But there’s no escape. The car stops a little further from her. She turns around and frighten waits what was going to happen. She looks around in panic. Nothing is happening for a while. The car just stands there.

Suddenly the door opens slowly on the drivers side. A man’s foot steps outside and in a moment the driver steps out. A big smile appears on her face. She knew him. She runs to him and wraps her arms around his neck to hug him. The stalker had been him all along. But what to expect, she was dating Sylvester Stallone after all.


Day 9: Head a Litter Deeper into the Blogosphere

So I should continue searching for more blogs to follow then?! That’s what I’ve been doing lately. Since I discovered Reader. I wasn’t familiar with that before. I feel like a kid in school that had done their assigments before anyone else. Just read what I wrote in Day 4
I don’t want to repeat myself. I could have skipped this task but it’s just too much fun to do them.

Goodbye Stranger by Pepsi&Shirlie