Day 28: Ready or not, here I come

According to my statistics, the most liked is this Zero to Hero challenge and day 4, 3 and 5. In that order.

If you haven’t guessed it out already, this post is gonna be about how many likes I’ve got during this challenge. Not that is anything to brag about. I’ve only got some comments but that’s alright. As long as people like what I have to say, that all that matters. I’m not expecting to get any “lively” conversations. How many of those can you get from a blog like mine anyway? Unless someone really disagrees about my tastes.

I don’t really know what kind of things people really want to read about. I write for myself. Just like musician make music or writers write books. For themselves. If someone else likes it, that’s just a plus.

I’ve added a Recent posts widget. I hope I don’t have too many widgets. A mess it the least thing I want.