In the mind of a dolphin kidnapper

I’m a fisherman from Taiji in Japan. My whole life is about fishing. It’s my livelihood. Without it, I can’t support my family. There are no other options then fishing. Since there’s not much money involved in fishing fish, I hunt white-sided dolphins and smaller whales. It’s part of our culture. It’s been in our generation for decades. It brings a lot of money to the families and to the the country. We toss the dolphins into skiffs. They weight about 400 lbs so it takes a few of us to toss them into smaller ones. Part of our captures are sold to marine parks for entertainment purposes and other part for food to different restaurants. Some people sees us as barbarians but for us it’s just natural. Animals are killed everyday for food so why not us. It’s just part of our job. Some of the dolphins can get hurt but that’s something we can’t avoid. When the day is over, I get home to my family with a good conscience.

That was the part of this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge Being a fan of dolphins, it really saddens me what they are doing in Taiji. So what if it’s part of Japanese culture. This is 21st century, not the dark ages. Who knows what they’re really thinking. If not at all. It’s all about greed and money.




Day 26: Go Mining for Ideas, and Start Some Drafts

So far what people mostly like to read is something personal and about certain actors from The Hobbit 😉 And also posts about this writing challenge. I also got a few award nominations. Thanks for that. I must found 10 followers first before I can nominate anyone. But that day will come I’m sure.

I have a few post as drafts as well. If I’ll post them or not,is a different matter. Good thing about draft is that, you can always come back to them. Ideas might not come as you write them. Especially if English is not your first language.

There is one draft that is almost finished. Stay tuned for more.