Day 14: Blogger’s Choice!

This is a great opportunity to thank everyone who has been reading this blog and thanks for following. Without Zero to Hero Challenge, this could not have been possible. It really inspired me to continue with blogging. I’m sure everyone that has joined this challenge, feels the same.

What I’ve learned from this challenge, is how to use Reader. Before I didn’t even think how useful that was. I usually learn things by finding out myself. Most things done in the challenge were already familiar to me. But I also got a few tips, like layouts and stuff like that.

Even though this blog is not about my personal life, people are still interested to read it. I think the world would be a better place, if people would just enjoy what they have. Life shouldn’t be all serious. I haven’t had an easy life so far but it won’t let it get to me. I just want people light up and forget their problems for a while. That’s what I want from this blog. An excape from reality. And hopefully someone wants the same.

Speaking of an excape from reality. I could watch this scene over and over again. Try to figure out why.