Writing 101: They’re playing our song

Choose 3 songs, yeah right. Where will I found those? I have no special memories of any songs. I liked so many over the years. One thing is for sure, music in the 2000’s is crap. Most of them. Classics rule. Ok I got those three songs, you asked for.

Pray- Take That

American’s probably don’t know who they were (still are) But they were a boyband from Manchester, England. They were popular in the 1990’s. The were 5 guys who danced and sang. Won’t go into details. This was their first number one in the UK. The video was shot in Acapulco. I loved the band. They were my teenage crush. You people don’t know what you missed. Backstreet boys, who?

A view to a kill- Duran Duran

My mum taped songs from the radio and this was one of them. It’s a theme song for the James Bond movie, A view to a kill. That’s all. Duran Duran is still the bomb.

Hand on your heart – Kylie Minogue

I remember this song but I never remember what it is called, I remember the video though. I always wished she would be my sister. Some kind of substitute to my own sister. Kylie just seemed down to earth and someone who could be there for you. Later I have found the song on GrooveShark and I still love it.

Phew I made it. 15 minutes up.

2 thoughts on “Writing 101: They’re playing our song

  1. I love James Bond 🙂 I listenend to some songs of TakeThat which is not my favourite kind of music (I love Within Temtation the most) but I like the flood a lot more than this one from then.

    I liked the way you wrote down the explanation but I am asking myself now:
    Do you have a paricular reason to choose those songs? Or why do you like them? Is it the lyrics? The Melody?

    I would have loved it more if you had not only explained the songs but rather why you chose them. You mentioned how you get to know them so that is a start but I think you could have gone a little more into detail 🙂

    But you wrote a really good response to today’s assignment.


    1. Maybe if I had time I would have thought about it more and even if I did,I don’t know if I could explain why I like them 😀 Songs that I can sing to is usually songs I like the best.
      Thanks for your comment.


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