I did it my way but am I good enough

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Today I graduated from Helsinki Design School in photography. 10 months achievements and this is the proof. Whatever is gonna happen, I did at least something instead of just staying at home and do nothing. I might not become a pro but at least I’ve learned new stuff. That’s what life is about.

Even though we had great teachers who are pro’s, it doesn’t mean I’ve learned to become a better photographer. This diploma might not help to get me a job. There were much better photographers than me. I’m not ever sure I want to become one. I thought I was passionate about photography but during this school I realised, maybe I’m not good enough to do this for a living. Maybe I should just stick being an amateur.

I’m a little disappointed with this school. I didn’t get any motivation from the teachers. I never got the answer if I have what it takes. I also feel it was too Helsinki orientated. For example where you can find internships. Not where I live. It’s a no everywhere. It’s not really motivating when you can’t get any. It was also a lot about studio photography which was indeed interesting but that’s something I don’t want to do. I thought I would become more excited about photography but it was the opposite. Something was missing but I don’t know what it is. Still it was worth the money spent.

All in all. I’m glad I applied for this education and got in. I met some nice people. Unfortunately, I probably won’t see them again. That’s something I don’t cry about. They were just a ship passing by. At least I don’t have to wake up early to travel to Helsinki anymore. Time to enjoy this ‘great’ achievement. Let’s worry about the future tomorrow.


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