NaBloPoMo15: Not going very well

Here we are, Monday again and time for the 2nd week of NaBloPoMo. My contribution doesn’t really look good. I started a post yesterday but today the same enthusiasm is gone. That happens a lot. That’s one of the reasons I have a few drafts. I probably never finish them. I get an idea and have a lot to write about but the next day it’s all gone. That’s what happened today.

I’ve also had a lot of other things to think about besides blogging. I haven’t even written my fictions in a while. I just haven’t had the motivation. I get bored easily and when I do, I don’t feel like doing anything. Just watch comedy shows online or other internet stuff.

The post I’ve started yesterday was possibly too personal and I rather not write about that. Maybe the blog post idea wasn’t that good anyway. But like life in general, never give up. I will get through this writing challenge no matter what it takes. The same with the blog post. If I only would feel that confident in other issues.

One thought on “NaBloPoMo15: Not going very well

  1. I had to laugh because I feel the same way. What starts off as a stellar idea becomes jaded as my fingers pass over the keyboard. May I quote the ahead of her time Dory who sums it up the best “Just keep swimming”.

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