NaBloPoMo15: Some are looking for the one, I’m looking for a job


In today’s NaBloPoMo prompt the question is, what is the hardest part of a big project, the beginning, the middle or that it’s over. For me it’s the beginning. I haven’t done big project but small ones. It’s the same. The easiest part is when it’s finally over. It also depends what kind of project it is. I’m not very good at projects. They always seem to end before they even begin. I’m just not patient enough. Note to self: Need to learn more patience.

A project that I have had for years is finding a job. I haven’t really been active enough. Most of my adult life, I’ve thought about what I want to do. Until 2007 when photography took over my mind. I’ve written about photography before on this blog but I mention it anyway.
Finding something you really want to do is not that easy. Especially if they’re not brave enough to do anything about it. Even my mother told me when I was younger I should start at least with something. But I just thought she fussed about it. I guess I have to suffer now that I didn’t listen to her.

When other’s search for The One, I look for the one job. I’ve taken part in an online course about job search. There been tips about CV’s, job applications, job search in social media and everything that includes jobs. I’ve got encouragement from the tutors not to give up hope. I haven’t either even though sometimes if feels there is none. Especially when I’ve  heard some people say to me that my wishes are unrealistic. Even suggestions that maybe I should change fields. Just when I finally found something interesting, I should begin from the start?! No thank you.

During the course I’ve learned different ways to find a job. What caught my attention the most, was job search campaigns online. There are people who have gotten jobs that way. But is it really suitable for me. There’s a lot to work and even that doesn’t mean it will help. You also have to get in touched with companies yourself. I can’t find a single place I want to work in. Not in my city anyway.
I don’t feel like doing something that won’t work. Those who have succeed have occupations that includes marketing. I don’t know if this kind of project works for photographers.

I don’t even know if photography is the only thing I want to do. To become better you need to practise but I haven’t done that in a while. When you see the competition out there, it feels like you’ll never be that good no matter how much you practise. My photos look plain and uninterested. In other words, amateurish. No one wants to pay for that. Photography as a job is quite demanding and time-consuming. I just don’t know if I got what it takes when it comes to marketing myself.

This job search is frustrating business. Only the fortunate ones succeed. No matter how many ways there are to find a job, you really need luck. If looking for The One is difficult, looking for a suitable job is an achievement in itself.

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