Buddy X

Nori watching the rain
Nori watching the rain

I’ve never had a buddy and still don’t. My real buddies have been stuffed animals. They’re a substitute for a real pet. My sister was allergic so we couldn’t have any so we didn’t get one later either. Besides having a pet takes a lot of time and money. I always wanted a bunny but they need attention and I’m never at home. Maybe one day when I’m old and retired I’ll get one. I don’t think I’m missed anything for not having a pet. It just hasn’t been an issue. I’ve also been a bit afraid of animals so that’s another reason.

I’ve never had a human buddy. Those kids I grew up with have their own lives. I’ve never been in touch with them either. I don’t need to have a buddy. I’ve managed without one. I don’t really like get to know people in real life. I never talk to strangers. I’m an introvert after all. I never know what to say to people. I hate small talk and I become reserved even in small crowds. That’s why I love the internet. It’s easier to find people with the same interests as me and also from other countries. In a way blogging and social media are my buddies. It’s the safest way. I’m a loner and it would just be too stressful if I had buddies outside the internet. They would probably call all the time and disturb my concentration. It might sound harsh but if you’ve been alone as long as I have, you’ll get used to it. Sometimes I do wish I had a buddy but that feeling doesn’t take long. There are more advantages than disadvantages for not having a buddy. For someone who is used to having people around, this kind of thinking might sound depressing but for me it’s not. It’s liberating and stress free. Other people are just a burden.

I like being around people but only if there are people I know. Other times I feel uncomfortable. I have difficulties to go up to a person and talk to them. So how could I even find a buddy when I terrible at it. Some have no problems at all. I envy those people. If I do talk to a stranger, it always feel embarrassing afterwards. It just doesn’t come naturally to me. Finding a buddy and then keep one is another matter. Maybe I’m just bad at keeping in touch with people. Even if I did follow them on social media, I don’t really write to them. It just feels weird to do so. But what can you do.


2 thoughts on “Buddy X

  1. A great, deep, thought provoking post. Thank you for sharing. I’m a people person, but definitely on my own terms. I like to invite people to have a drink, dinner etc, but can’t stand it when someone thinks they’ll just drop by. So long as I have my husband, my cats and my writing, I have all the buddies I need!

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