When I realized

snickersbarcoverSometimes things doesn’t go the way you plan it. I’ve had dreams and ideas about what I want to do for a living. But there’s always something else happening. For me thoughts and ideas have changed through the years. What I wanted to do when I was a teen, doesn’t apply anymore. For example, I wanted to move abroad but I never got that far. I realized how much you have to do before you do. It was just too complicated and things are just so much better over here. I’m never been brave enough either. I guess the love for my country has got me to stay here.

There was a long time I wanted to become a pro photographer but after I studied photography in Helsinki Design School last year, I realized that’s probably not for me after all. It’s also a very competitive profession. There’s so many of them and I don’t have that much patience try to become a better photographer. You really have to have a very strong will to succeed in that business. You don’t photograph for yourself, you photograph for the client which is the downside. But don’t get me wrong, I still want to do something with photography but not as a professional. I don’t even think I’m that good. To become good, you need to practise but I’m not that enthusiastic. I’m a so-called “mood photographer” I only photograph when I feel like it. I don’t go around carrying the camera wherever I go. I take it with me if I’m going somewhere special. That’s one of the reasons why photography should only be a part of a job.

I’ve realized I can’t write or blog everyday because there’s always something wrong with the internet connection in the dorm where I live on weekdays. It keeps cutting off which is so annoying. I couldn’t write the blog about my studying in web design and I can’t take part in #everydayinspiration either because of slow or no connection at all. It feels like I’ve been without internet for a week when it’s actually only been one or 2 days. Things moves so fast over there so if you’re out of it for a while, you’ll miss quite a lot what goes on in the world. There’s too much information so you don’t really need to know everything. I only use internet at home. Some people seem to have the urge to be online wherever they go. Luckily I’m not one of those people. It’s no big deal if the internet is off. Sometimes you need a break from it. It’s like meeting a friend. It’s good to have but it’s also good to be a part for a while. That way things doesn’t get boring. That’s something people need to realize. Internet is not the whole world, it’s just a part of one.





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